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A Platform That Will Instantly Give You Super Targeted Audiences
To Build Your Business In Ways You NEVER Thought Possible

Fundamental Marketing Facts

1. Every Offer Needs A Targeted Audience

I don't care if you're using Facebook or Google ads, email campaigns, SEO strategies, or smoke signals.

You won't get great results if you don't have great targeting.

It's simple. The more relevant your offer is to your audience, the more likely they'll be to buy.

And there are only two ways to make yourself relevant...

Great ads and great targeting.

But when you break it down, targeting simply matters more.

You can write the best ad in the world to sell dental insurance, but if you're targeting people who don't have any teeth, you're probably not going to sell any policies.

"A great offer with a crappy audience will do ok, but a great offer with right audience will make you rich"

How can you target the right audience?

Right now, there are only a few major ways to run a campaign with anything close to great targeting...

Facebook. Google. Big Data, or your own curated email list.

Once you've dialed in your targeting and defined your audience, you can start running ads and getting leads.

2. Your List Is Your Most Valuable Asset 

We all know Facebook and Google can often get our offers in front of the right audiences. They help you know your audience and your traffic.

However, you won't own your audience or your traffic unless you can convince people to sign up for your email list.

That's the hard part, isn't it?

Your favorite marketers -- those folks who seem to be everywhere online -- have spent years building their lists.

To them, Facebook and Google are just the first step.

Once you click their ads, they'll offer you a low-priced "trip wire" deal, or even some free stuff or a free webinar, to get your contact information, all so they can sell more stuff.

I've worked with many of them, and I'm never surprised to learn that they've spent millions of dollars to build their lists.

3. The Fortune Is In The Follow Up 

I've been doing this longer than Facebook's existed. I've staked my reputation on being able to get cold email into the right inboxes at scale, time after time.

So I hope you'll believe me when I say the fortune's in the follow-up, especially when it comes to cold traffic.

If you're trying to convert people who've never heard from you before, one email rarely does the trick.

No one likes spam, and a hard-sell approach usually gets more complaints to burn out your IP's.

Sales are built on relationships. The more familiar someone is with you and your brand, and the better their opinions of you, the more likely they'll be to buy.

It's true if you're high-ticket, low-ticket, or anything in between. That relationship gets your foot in the door to sell a $10 bottle of colon cleanser or a $10,000 course.

A targeted audience is a good start, it gets your foot in the door. But when you start showing up everywhere, you go from "Who the hell is this" to "shut up and take my money" in record time.

Fortune is most definitely in the follow-up!

Those Are The Facts And They Are Undisputed

Ok, who's this Robert guy and what does he know?

Well, you’ve probably never heard of me, but you’ve almost certainly heard from me and my clients.

I'm Robert Raff.

I’m the founder and CEO of Direct Aim Media.

Before I created this platform, I spent 18 years building Direct Aim Media, which last I checked holds the title of world’s largest third-party email deployment company in the world (sounds super impressive, it's not.  It's a pain in the ass..lol).

Direct Aim's servers deliver over a billion cold emails each month on behalf of the world’s biggest brands.  

The automaker behind your favorite new car has been sending you promotions through Direct Aim’s systems for years. The tech company that built your company’s back office? You might be their client because Direct Aim placed their offers in front of the right person in your company at the right time.

Direct Aim serves marketers who need to be seen right now... 
and so does this platform. My Direct Aim clients have already 
been shifting over their accounts for months. Some software developers hire beta testers. My clients have been beta testing this stuff on their own dime...

they love itI know you will, too.

In A Nut Shell 
I took 20+ years of my connections and knowledge in data management, email deployment, and the programmatic ad space, combines that with my teams knowledge in software development, and packaged that into one very robust self-serve cold traffic ad platform.  

A platform that allows marketers, agencies, and more so ANY business owner (large or small) to access the audience that matters, serve their messages to those audiences to quickly build their opt-in list, and to create a steady stream of new customers. 

At the same time, providing a better solution to the obvious painful challenges we all face with all the other ad networks, such as limited audience targeting abilities, ad compliance departments, and the overall rising ad costs.   

I know most won't appreciate the amount of time, energy, and money that went into building this platform    (and it is no where near perfect yet), but I guarantee that when used properly you will see it is the single most powerful cold traffic platform on the market, if there really is one.  

We are a cold traffic ad network.

This platform allows you to build HYPER-Targeted audiences, 
and serve ads to these audiences any way you see fit, starting with cold email.

Using this platform gives a marketer the ability to take a HYPER-focused targeted audience from 
"who the hell are you" to "shut up and take my money" 

Here's A Break Down Of The Complete ExactProspect™ Powerful System

Audience Builder

Powered by databankDB™ Super Identity Graph

Allows you to search, identify, and access a "huge" range of unique "identifiers" 
to create a single, unified hyper targeted audience specifically for your offer. 

The Super AI Consumer Data Graph 
 6+ Billion Data Points On Every Marketable Adult In The USA 
Comprised of demographic, geographic, household compositions, financial, occupation, interests, behavioral, transactional, automotive, donor, political, reading, consumer interests, and lifestyle.

Activation Points
(used for portability on your favorite platform)  
Name, Postal Address, Phone, Active Email Address, 
IP Address, Mobile ID, Ad ID, Phone, Social URLs, Hash IDs, and Longitude & Latitude.

Intelligent Cold Email

Powered by eKnoxx™ Intelligent Email Software

A powerful enterprise "Cold Email Marketing" application that allows you to 
create, manage, and run cold email campaigns at scale.

  • Powerful Auto-Responder: Custom built backend mailing platform that is powerful and robust for running cold email sequences at scale
  • Automatic List Segmenting: Properly segment your leads for high conversion
  • ​Sending Persona's: Allows you to send to the same audience with different personas. (great for monetizing lists for different niches, as well as agencies)
  • Campaign Automation: Automatically put your leads into full automations campaigns based on any action.
  • Automation Tags: Tag leads according to action for automation funnels. 
  • AIIP® Automatic Persona Retargeting:  Our proprietary technology allows for immediate IP based advanced retargeting after the open pushing your ads across the entire Internet. 
  • Unlimited List Sizes:  Work with larger size audiences.
  • Cold Email Swipes: Curiosity based email swipes which are proven to get the click
  • ​​24/7 Management & Monitoring: Our awesome support team keeps everything running smooth

IP Based Persona Retargeting

BIG Data + Email + A.I. + Premium Ad Inventory
 Fortune is in the follow-up, correct?  

Retargeting is that follow up you need to take an targeted audience from cold to warm in a hurry 
and we built it right into the platform. 

For the first time ever we can now take a single touchpoint, such as a view from of an opened email to a complete omni-channel campaign and serve your ads everywhere across the Internet.  

With our targeting abilities we push your ad creatives and serves them 
in front of the right person, to the right channel, at the right time, on the right device, 
no matter where they are located with in milliseconds.


This is what the pros use when they find that winning offer, care about their brand, and are ready to unlock the serious revenue that only comes 
with running robust omni-channel persona based campaigns.

  • Real Time Ad Placement Across 95% Of The Entire Internet
  • ​Banner ads, Native ads, Video Ads, Radio Ads, OTT/CTV, and Broadcast.  
  • IP Based Persona Retargeting 
  • Premium Ad Placement (Above the fold & Top Tier Websites) 
  • ​Ability to serve the right ad up to anyone, anytime, anywhere, and on any device 

Meet A Couple Marketers In The Know 

All It Takes Is Just 3 Easy Steps   
We built everything from the ground up to be user-friendly and fully interoperable with everything else. But even user-friendly software comes with a bit of a learning curve.

That's why you get step-by-step onboarding guides. I made them myself. Here's what we'll cover...

1.  Identifying the perfect audience for your offers

2.  Building the exact audience and data profile you need to start a targeted campaign right away

3.  Sending offers to your audience that'll drive massive traffic and sales

You don't have to be the technical type to get the hang of it. I'm not. I just really like making money, and I don't like having anyone else tell me how I ought to be making it.

Sound familiar? Most entrepreneurs feel the same way. We don't want to spend all our time buried in tools and technology. We just want to make some money on our own terms.

That's why we built all this stuff.

We've been making money on our own terms with audience data through cold emailing and retargeting for almost two decades. We built this so you -- you means everybody, no matter who you are, where you live, or what you do -- can position yourself so you can start make money on your own terms, too.

The Cold Traffic Excelorator    

  • databankDB™ Access: Media agencies sign one year contracts just to gain access (Value $120,000/year)
  • Audience Credits: 25,000 custom audience (Value $3750)
  • ​​eKnoxx™ Access: No set-up fee (Value $149.95)
  • ​Email Sending Credits: 100,000 email sending credits (Value $500/month)
  • ​2 Sending Personas:  Ability to create two different sending personas for your list. (Value $60)
  • ​Custom High Converting Cold Email Swipes: We sell this for $197.00 (Value $197.00) 

Total Value You're Getting 

If You Purchase Today We Are Offering It To You For Just 

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