If You Are A Digital Marketer. Then Please Pay Close Attention

I Am Going to show you How To

With Exact Prospect You Can Build Super Targeted Audiences like Fortune 500 Companies, and reach them anywhere online at a Fraction of The Cost than ANY other ad platforms you're using today!

  • Build Insanely targeted niche audiences for any offer that you can use anywhere online
  • Build an opt-in list with real-time data in minutes for pennies on the dollar.
  • Drive targeted traffic to your offer with inbox-friendly cold emails 
  • Automated People-Based AI retargeting places your ads everywhere online 
  • Portable custom audiences that you can use and connect to your Facebook Ad account to target the most accurate details
  • Test offers with blazing fast speeds. 
This platform allows marketers, agencies, and more so business owners (large or small) to BUILD AND OWN the most HYPER-targeted audience for any product & offer and run their ads at scale across the entire Internet without having worry about ad restrictions, ad fatigued, or getting your ad account banned.

This platform provides a much needed solution to the obvious painful challenges we all face, such as limited audience targeting capabilities, ad compliance departments, and the overall rising ad costs.

I know most won't appreciate the amount of time, energy, and money that went into building this platform (and it is no where near perfect yet), but I guarantee that when used properly you will see it as very robust powerful cold traffic platform that is on the market today.  
Just To Be Clear...
We are NOT going to teach you how to build a list...
We Provide It!
We are NOT teaching you how to drive traffic...
We Deliver It!
We are NOT teaching you how to retarget...
We Execute It! 
What you are getting it is an all-in-one self service traffic platforms that provides you with the hyper targeted audience and the ability to push all your ads out at scale without worrying about getting banned, disabled, and slapped.

Please note that we don't claim that by using this platform you will make money, as Facebook™ or Google™ would never claim that their advertising platform would. We don't control anyones offers, creatives, or business processes.

However you and I both know that in order to make money with any offer you have to have the ability to put your ads in front of the right person, at the right time, on the right channel, across all their devices and that is exactly what this platform does.
Here's A Break Down Of The 3 Main Components Of This Powerful Platform

Audience Builder

Our Real Time Super Identity Graph


You search, identify, and access a "huge" range of unique "identifiers" to create a single, unified hyper targeted audience specifically for your offer. 

Our AI Super Consumer Data Graph Consists Of  

 Over 6+ Billion Data Points Which Makes Complete User Profiles 
On Every Marketable Adult In The USA

Including: full demographic, geographic, household compositions, financial, occupation, interests, behavioral, transactional, automotive, donor, political, reading, consumer interests, and lifestyle.

Activation Data Points

(Name, Postal Address, Phone, Active Email Address, IP Address, 
Mobile ID, Ad ID, Phone, Social URLs, Hash IDs, and Longitude & Latitude).

Audience Activation

(Activate our audiences across all your favorite platform)  

    Intelligent Cold Email

    Powered by eKnoxx™ Intelligent Email Software

    Immediately activate your new audience and put your offer right in their Inbox!
    A powerful enterprise "Cold Email Marketing" application that allows you to create, manage, and run cold email campaigns at scale.

    • Powerful Auto-Responder: Custom built backend mailing platform that is powerful and robust for running cold email sequences at scale
    • Automatic List Segmenting: Properly segment your leads for high conversion
    • ​Sending Persona's: Allows you to send to the same audience with different personas. (great for monetizing lists for different niches, as well as agencies)
    • Campaign Automation: Automatically put your leads into full automations campaigns based on any action.
    • Automation Tags: Tag leads according to action for automation funnels. 
    • AIIP® Automatic Persona Retargeting:  Our proprietary technology allows for immediate IP based advanced retargeting pushes your retargeting ads across the entire Internet. 
    • Unlimited List Sizes:  Work with larger size audiences.
    • Cold Email Swipes: Curiosity based email swipes which are proven to get the click
    • ​​24/7 Management & Monitoring: Our awesome support team keeps everything running smooth

    AIIP® Persona Retargeting

    BIG Data + Email + A.I. + Premium Ad Inventory
    Retargeting is that follow up you need to take an targeted audience from cold to warm in a hurry and we built it right into the platform.

    For the first time ever we can now take a single touchpoint, such as an action from a cold email to a complete 360 omni-channel campaign and serve your retargeting ads everywhere the prospect goes across the Internet.

    With our targeting abilities we push your ad creatives and serves them
    in front of the right person, on the right channel, at the right time, on the right device, no matter where they are located with in milliseconds.

    (Retargeting ads are set to a 10 touch 30 day frequency) 

    This is what the pros use when they find that winning offer, care about their brand, and are ready to unlock the serious revenue that only comes with running robust omni-channel persona based campaigns.

    • Real Time Ad Placement Across 95% Of The Entire Internet
    • ​Banner ads, Native ads, Video Ads, Radio Ads, OTT/CTV, and Broadcast.  
    • IP Based Persona Retargeting 
    • Premium Ad Placement (Above the fold & Top Tier Websites) 
    • ​Ability to serve the right ad up to anyone, anytime, anywhere, and on any device 

    Get Started In 3 Easy Steps!

    Select Your Hyper Targeted Audience

    Send Out Your Campaign Using Eknoxx™ Cold Emailer Platform


    Short On Time? (Watch The Demo here)




    For The First Time We Can Unlock This "Secret Tech" For YOUR Offers, No Matter What Industry You're In

    Whether you're selling a product or service, or selling someone else's product or service...this is for you! 
    Driving Clicks In Warp Speed
    Sending a single cold email might work 3% of the time, but building your own list is what wins wars.

    Drive Thousands Of Clicks To All Your Offers...

    We built everything from the ground up to be user-friendly and fully interoperable with everything else.
    But even user-friendly software comes with a bit of a learning curve.

    That's why you get step-by-step onboarding guides. Here's what we'll cover:

    1. How to identifying the perfect audience for your offers.
    2. How to build the exact audience using our Audience Builder
    3. How to activate that audience into multiple platforms to start a targeted campaign right away.
    4. Start sending offers to your audience that'll drive massive traffic and sales.

    You don't have to be the technical type to get the hang of it. I'm not.
    Most entrepreneurs don't want to spend hours upon hours trying to figure out tools and technology. We just want to be able to login have simple easy direction to make some money on our own terms.

    That's why we built all this stuff.

    We've been making money on our own terms with audience data through cold emailing and retargeting for almost two decades. It was never an easy process! We built this so you -- you means everybody, no matter who you are, where you live, or what you do -- can position yourself so you can start make money on your own terms, too.

    I'm In!! But... How Much Will It Cost Me?

    Well If You're Reading This Page You're In Luck!

    Has Worked Out An mazing Deal For You!!

    We Created You a Very Aggressive Package.

    Slingly Pro Cold Email Acceleration Package

    Limited Offer
    No Expiration No Monthly Fees 

    $1200 Access Fee Waived

    • Platform Access: $1200 Access Fee Waived
    • ​Audience Credits: 25,000 Audience List. 
    • Audience Pulls:  2 Times To Audience Pull A Hyper Targeted Audience
    • ​eKnoxx Pro Cold Email Account: $149 Set Up Fee Waived 
    • ​Email Credits: 100,000 Sending Credits
    • Personas: 2 Different Concurrent Offers (run multiple offers)
    • ​​White-Glove Live On-Boarding - VALUE $99 - really priceless! 
    • ​​BONUSCustom Cold Email Swipes Proven To Convert - VALUE $97
    • BONUS: Work With Ricky 7 Figure Training Area!
    • ​BONUS: Live Weekly Training!

    Regular Price - $1497.00

    Your Price With Coupon $997.00 (One Time)




    Lets Say... Worse Case Scenario you do EVERYTHING wrong...

    ...and after the first month you only get a dismal 5% percent conversion on 25,000 People

    That Would Be 1,250 New People To Your Offer...

    How much do you think it would cost you to get 1,250 targeted people into your funnel? 
    FaceBook Average Cost Per Click is $1.72 Across Industries (Would Cost You Around $2,150)

    The First 100 People To Use Code "SL500OFF" Will Save $1,153 Dollars If You Were To Do This With Facebook...

    For Your Reference This Is Our Normal Platform Fees.

    Platform Access Fee 
    Audience Credits
    Audience Pulls
    Activation Data Points 
    Email Deployment Credits 
    Retargeting Credits  

    $1200 Per Year 
    $100 CPM (Per Thousand)
    $99 Per Pull
    $50 Per Data Point
    $15 CPM (Per Thousand) 
    $100 Per Persona
    $30 CPM (Per Thousands)

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